Workshop. How to make prototypes that feel like real apps with Framer.

Workshop. How to make prototypes that feel like real apps with Framer.
28.05.2017 (неділя), 11:00
500 грн
CoMMuna на Кольберга, вул. Кольберга 3а

Tes Mat — Author of the Framer book

Tes was developing iPhone apps*, but wanted to move to product management and making only the initial prototypes for apps.

In a search for the best prototyping tool he found Framer, wrote the definitive manual for it, and now teaches it at Projector.

(* Before the launch of the iPhone he freelanced as a web developer/designer for ±10 years.)

Graphical design tools like Photoshop or Sketch are for designing how and interface "looks". With Framer you design how an interface "feels", how interface elements react to touches and how they animate.

In Framer you create prototypes by writing code in CoffeeScript. (It's like JavaScript, but simpler.) No programming knowledge is needed, though, because we'll start with a CoffeeScript introduction.

The workshop will be in English.

You'll learn how to:

  • import your Sketch, Figma or Photoshop design into Framer
  • make elements of your design react to touches and other gestures, also multi-touch gestures
  • make elements draggable, pinchable & zoomable (like a map), or scrollable, also with paging (carousel)
  • animate different properties of your design elements like size and position, but also color, shadow, and effects like blur, transparency, saturation…
  • use some basic programming concepts like variables, conditionals (those 'if then' thingies), functions, arrays, objects and loops.

As an example we'll also build a complete prototype.

What you'll need:

  • A Mac with Framer installed. If you didn't yet buy a license you can use the 14-day trial.

See you!