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krupa 2019 —
the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe
Don Norman Nielsen Norman Group
Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine
Cole Mercer ex-Soundcloud
Guillermo Torres Airbnb
Zach Grosser Figma
Lior Pinco Wix.com
Max Shirko The23
Alexander Ivanov Lun.ua
Takeshi Horiuchi Age of Learning
Dmitry Starkov CloudMade
Sergey Valiukh Tubik Agency
Anna Kuntsman Rozenberg Wix.com
Albina Cholak Octopus Labs
Kyiv, 6 april 2019
Don Norman
Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group Partner
Vitaly Friedman
Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine editor-in-chief
Cole Mercer
Cole Mercer, ex-product manager at Soundcloud.com
Guillermo Torres
Guillermo Torres, Airbnb Product Designer, ex-Google, Adobe
Zach Grosser
Zach Grosser, designer educator at Figma, ex-Square, Apple
Lior Pinco
Lior Pinco, Design director Wix.com
Max Shirko
Max Shirko, The23 creative director, curator at Projector
Alexander Ivanov
Alexander Ivanov, Head of Product at ЛУН and Flatfy, curator at Projector
Takeshi Horiuchi
Takeshi Horiuchi, UX Director Age of Learning
Dmitry Starkov
Dmitry Starkov, senior UX designer at CloudMade
Sergey Valiukh
Sergey Valiukh, Tubik Agency creative director
Anna Kuntsman Rozenberg
Anna Kuntsman Rozenberg Creative Director Wix.com
Albina Cholak
Lead product designer at Octopus Labs
about krupa
Krupa is the main design conference of Ukraine. In 2018, we gathered more than 1000 interface designers and received a large amount of positive feedback.

The conference is created by designers for designers — there is no place for random speakers, weak content and inappropriate activities. We have been building an active UI / UX community for 3 years, that’s why we know and feel our audience.

How it was the last time
We invited fantastic speakers from all over the world and the most interesting Ukrainian designers to share the scene of the Sports Palace with Don Norman, the author of the User Experience colocation.
Speakers from Ukraine, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Israel will participate in the conference. Let's join the experience of such different participants in the global UX world
parallel flows
Speeches will be held in two parallel streams, with the exception of the lecture by Don Norman - everyone should hear it
So many designers of interfaces have never been gathered together in Ukraine. Actually, in Eastern Europe too
venue —
Palace of Sports
in Kyiv
Sports Palace — a sports and concert complex located in the center of Kyiv,
within walking distance from the metro station with the same name.
Its capacity will allow comfortably accommodate spectators, food courts and entertainment.
Indoor sports games, concerts, major exhibitions and fairs are held in this hall.
Sportyvna Square, 1, Kyiv, 02000

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