2-month intensive course in which you learn how to create prototypes that feel like real apps in Framer (classes in English)

О курсе

Graphical design tools like Photoshop or Sketch are for designing how and interface “looks”. With Framer you design how an interface “feels”, how interface elements react to touches and how they animate.

In Framer you create prototypes by writing code in CoffeeScript. (it's like JavaScript, but easier). No former programming knowledge is required.
4 000 грн

Оплачивайте курс помесячно или целиком (со скидкой 5%)

18 занятий

2 раза в неделю. Четверг 19:30–21:30, суббота 14:00–16:00

Июль 2018

Следующая группа стартует в июле 2018

14 мест

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Tes Mat

iOS developer and author of the Framer book, from Antwerp


Кому будет полезно

For mobile app designers who want to create interactive prototypes that resemble a functioning product.

You need to bring your Mac.

Программа курса

The course is based on the Simplycult and Practicult principles: the difficult becomes amusing while theory becomes practice.
Introduction and overview
Examples of what can be done in Framer. How Framer works: a look of the different bits of code. Overview of the Framer interface. Direct manipulation and AutoCode. Layer properties and the Align class. Triggering basic animations. Practice: Make layers, position them, make them tappable. Homework.

Layers and Events basics
Background layer. Difference between "size" (width and hight) and "scale". Draggable layers. First Events: onDragStart + onDragEnd. Importing from Sketch and Photoshop. Scale control in Sketch. Sketch Artboards. Wrapping masked content. Practice: Import one of your designs and make it work. Homework: Finish your imported design.

States, CSS and CoffeeScript
States. Using CSS styles, classes, and web fonts. Basic programming concepts in CoffeeScript. Practice: Making many layers using loops. Homework: Use Functions in a prototype.

The Animation object. Animation properties: Time, Delay, Repeat, Curves. Chaining animations. Practice: Have animations react to each other. Homework: Create a multi-step animation.

Scroll Component, Page Component, and Slider Component. Practice: Medium example (combine Scroll and Page components). Homework: Customize the Slider Component for non-slider use (Possibilities: scroll indicator, progress tracker).

Overview of the many events. Multi-touch events. Gesture event properties. Using Modules. Briefing for final prototype. Practice: Use the PerpectiveView Layer module. Homework: Pick a module from and use it in a project.

Final prototype
Practice: Work on final prototype. Homework: Finish final prototype. Presentation of final prototypes. Any remaining questions etc.

When there’s time
Using data (Web APIs, Google Sheet, FireBase). Using 3D.

Место проведения

Киев, Projector (ул. Воздвиженская, 34А). Школа, коворкинг и лекторий для дизайнеров, разработчиков и творческих людей всех направлений и специализаций


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