UkrainQA #3. REST API testing: tools and approaches

UkrainQA #3. REST API testing: tools and approaches
13.01.2018, 15:00
150 грн.
Воздвиженская, 34а

Sergey Pirogov QA Technical Lead at Ciklum, he is an experienced Software Test Automation Engineer. His specialization is functional automation testing, also he has experience in performance testing, building test automation framework and setting CI for automation process.

Sergey has his personal blog with more than 20 000 readers. He is an experienced speaker as well, participating in QAFest, SQA days, Selenium Camp, EPAM IT Weeks, Ciklum Speaker corner, QA Meetup, QA Expert day, QA Conference. So don't miss his new talk, it should be fascinating ;)

At the lecture Sergey will talk about:

— Rest Api testing approaches
— Tool that can help to do testing effectivelly
— REST Assured, Swagger, TestNG, Allure, Jenkins, Asciidoctor

REST API testing is simple and easy, but people still ask a lot of questions about it. In this talk, I will tell about my own experience and tools that I use in my daily work. It will be mostly about Java ecosystem, but some hints might be applied to any tool set.

We invite you to the third lecture in the cycle of UkrainQA events.

Level: all levels.

Language: English.