Type and Brand Expression

Type and Brand Expression
14.05.2020 (Thursday), 19:30
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Riccardo De Franceschi — type designer at Dalton Maag, a typeface design studio based in London, which designed typefaces for Airbnb, and the BBC in the past.

How does type help brands achieve the right expression for their purpose?

Each typeface we choose will give our written contents a special look and feel, which will provoke a certain emotion in our audience: this reaction depends on context, and is shaped by factors such as time, place, culture. Understanding how that context ties in with the typographic variables that we have at our disposal as designers – from type genre and style, to font weight and width – allows us to create successful visual communication.

We will look at how brands can achieve the right tone of voice for their purpose, through bespoke as well as off-the-shelf typefaces, with the help of selected project case studies.

We'll discuss:

  • Where do some of the most relevant typeface genres originate from, and how are they perceived by different audiences?
  • What features make a certain typeface just right for the context I need it for? How about different weights and styles?
  • How do different brands use all this information to communicate best, each with its own target audience?

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