The value of UX. From crafting beautiful UX to making them happen

The value of UX. From crafting beautiful UX to making them happen
21.04.2020 (Tuesday), 19:30
Free, by registration

Matteo Cavucci, a seasoned transformation consultant, is going to open his toolbox and show some practical methods to communicate design intentions and create alignment across the whole organization. From co-design techniques to models and templates to frame the perfect bet, in this online session, we'll explore how to create a shared understanding and communicate the value of (good) design to win the hearts and minds of your colleagues.

Great UX ideas don't go anywhere unless stakeholders and teammates can fully support them. As a UX designer or product person, you may have already experienced the frustration of seeing great opportunities buried under hundreds of other backlog items. Or even worse, have brilliant insights diluted in endless discussions that ended up into mediocre results. Crafting great experiences is fundamental, but often is not enough to have our users enjoying great products.

We'll talk about:

  • A digital team should be able to craft beautiful experiences as well as understand and communicate the value of them.
  • Building digital products is a collaborative sport, that requires clear communication schemes and interfaces.
  • Models coming from strategic consultancy can help UXers and product people to frame design decision and convince managers and executives.

This summer (August 7-9) Matteo will lead a 3-day workshop Becoming the UX leader.