Workshop. How to make prototypes that feel like real apps with Framer

Workshop. How to make prototypes that feel like real apps with Framer
11.06.2016, 11:00–18:00
500 грн
Projector, Киев, Верхний Вал, 22

Тэс Мат — iOS developer, writer. After having been a printer and 'DTP operator' (Remember those?), Tes went freelance and designed and developed websites for the Belgian environmental NGO's, for ± 10 years. He then launched (was top paid app in Belgium), and also another app he rather not talks about (only 1 star ratings). Recently he got distracted by the advancements in app prototyping, which he currently teaches with the

Graphical design tools like Photoshop or Sketch are for designing how and interface "looks". With Framer you design how an interface "feels", how interface elements react to touches and how they animate.

In Framer you create prototypes by writing code in CoffeeScript. (It's like JavaScript, but easier.) No programming knowledge is needed, though, because we'll start with a CoffeeScript introduction. I'll try to explain things in Russian, but I'll probably often have to switch to English.

You'll learn how to:
— import your Sketch or Photoshop design into Framer
— make elements of your design react to touches and other gestures, also multi-touch gestures
— make elements draggable, scrollable, also with paging (carousel), and the newest addition: pinch and zoom (like a map)
— animate different properties of your design elements like size and position, but also color, shadow, and effects like blur, transparency, saturation… we'll also briefly look at 3D animation
— use basic programming concepts like "variables", "conditionals" (those 'if then' thingies), "functions", "arrays", "objects" and "loops".

What you'll need:
— A Mac with Framer installed. If you didn't yet buy a license you can use the eight hour trail. (Be sure not to use too many hours before coming to the workshop.)
— When on Windows (or Linux) you can use Framer Library. See the instructions for an example installation with Atom here:

See you!