50 years designing for brands

50 years designing for brands
10.06.2017 (суббота), 12:00-15:00
300 грн
г. Киев, ул.В.Гетьмана, 6. Конгресс-холл Космополит.

Michael Wolff is a British designer, creative advisor and co-founder of the legendary branding agency Wolff Olins, which for many decades has set the tone for global branding and is known for its projects for Unilever, London Olympic 2012, MacMillan, GE, Aol, USA Today, NYC.

In Kyiv, Michael held a lecture, which consisted of two 60-minute parts:

  • Review of 50 years of Wolff Olins: culture, works, reasons and results.
  • History and meaning of brands: what they are, what they reveal and how they work.

Language — English
Duration: 3h 10m

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