November, 8-10
24 hours
20 participants
About practicum
We will work on a real
client and a real project
of an international brand
We'll have a conversation about the role of brands in people's life, about understanding the world around us and the place of brands in that. You will learn that consumers actually don't give a shit about ads and stories on instagram. It takes much more to become a love brand. In times of fake images, fake brands and fake news, brands need to take position, not just have a positioning.

Next to that we will have an excursion into the importance of good design in times of data and technology.

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8000 uah
3 days
10:00 — 18:00
November, 8-10
3 days of practice
20 participants
For whom
— copywriters;
— creative directors;
— art directors;
— strategists;
— brand managers.

Everybody who wants to understand that people don't buy what you do, but why you do it.
And for everybody who loves brands and good design.
Andreas Läufer
Co-founder of a cult magazine TANK MAGAZINE in London, the first independent lifestyle magazine in the world. Andreas Läufer is considered to be one of the most highly decorated designers of the last two decades.
In groups you will develop a brands purpose and bring that alive with design, ads and acts.
Start at the end.
Introduction of the brand you will be helping to become a love brand.

Love me Bro!
We show you the secrets of how to build a brand, that people adore and will follow. (Why for example is NIKE so successful and why is SAMSUNG struggling to become more than a tech brand?)

Who are you really?
Deep dive into the brand, consumer and yourself.
Day two
We make you feel, whats really important about a brand.

Have you got empathy?
Speed Dating with the consumer.

Oh finally!
You can do your own thing by using all you’ve learned and build the brand. We will create ads and acts, along all relevant touchpoints, such as social media and even products.
Day three
The Return of the Anti-Profesional.
Attitude is more important than knowledge. Right?
We will teach you how to be innovative, everyday, for the rest of your life!

We will finalize our brand vision and pull all our creative ideas together.
Projector School is a platform that helps people of different professional levels and specializations to develop their skills in interface design, graphic design, programming, front-end, project management, digital marketing etc.
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