Berlin Design Campus

next campus — June 28 - July 5
Workshops and lectures in the offices of leading agencies and product companies
A week of immersive experiences

What is
Berlin Design

Design Campus is an opportunity to experience Berlin’s creative life: spend a week full of workshops and lectures by leading German experts, visit offices of design agencies and product companies, see and become familiar with world design industry. Study, network, gain experience, and travel with awesome company.

next campus — June 28 - July 5
12 participants
workshops, studio visits, flight tickets, hotel, breakfasts, museums, insurance etc.
1 950€

Сampus combines fascinating studies with leisure. You’ll have a chance to meet like-minded people, broaden your horizons, easily slip into a new culture and find the answers you've been looking for.

Projector School
Leading Ukrainian Creative & Tech school
Smashing Magazine
Authoritative global media about web design and development

and excursions

The campus is a great opportunity to become acquainted with top global creatives.

In our full- and half-day workshops you’ll work directly in the offices of leading creative agencies and product companies, learn techniques to grow personally and professionally.

Global design and innovation consultancy using the power of design for creating services people love.
Mozilla project uses a community-based approach to create world-class open source software and to develop new types of collaborative activities.
Great products change everything. Behavior. Business. Markets. That's why we build transformational products.
Global technology consultancy. Helps to invent what's next, and bring it to life with technology. In weeks, not years.
Global media for web designers and developers.

and tutors

You’ll meet top creative experts:

Vitaly Friedman
Vitaly Friedman
Founder and editor-in-chief of authoritative media about web development SmashingMagazine, co-organizer of the Berlin campus.
Matteo Cavucci
Matteo Cavucci
Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks, practitioner of design-thinking. Over 12 years of helping companies to transform businesses to modern formats.
Martin Gassner
Martin Gassner
Managing & Creative Director at SinnerSchrader. For the past 20 years, Martin has created digital strategies, platforms, tools, stories, services, products, campaigns, startups, and more, along with his teams.
Jake Zukowski
Jake Zukowski
Group Design Director at Fjord, global design and innovation consultancy
Emanuela Damiani
Emanuela Damiani
User Experience Designer at Firefox, Mozilla


Berlin is amazing. Old and new architecture is intertwined, together with fresh creative flow. A city of painters, designers, musicians, and artists. At the intersection of cultures, genres and ideas, an incredible energy arises that draws tourists from all over the world and set trends for the years ahead.

We've thoroughly planned the trip, so you’ll learn from the best, enjoy the city to the fullest and become a part of Berlin’s design community. You’ll come back home loving your creative process, with new approaches, fresh ideas, and of course with new friends in Ukraine and Germany.

Flight tickets
we provide tickets Kyiv - Berlin and Berlin - Kyiv, as well as transfer from the airport to the city and back
the price includes accommodation for the entire time of the campus - in 2-bed rooms in a new hotel in the city center
every morning you will be served with breakfast included in the price
in your free time, explore Berlin's museums - you'll be given Museum Pass Berlin
in Berlin, each participant will receive a mobile card from a German operator to stay in touch with the group.
Transport card
on the first day of the campus you will receive a weekly travel ticket for the subway
compulsory for international travel health insurance is also included
every evening we will end up in interesting places with interesting local people
all good things eventually end, but we will spend the last evening of the campus together and have lots of fun


The whole group will stay in a modern comfortable hotel (2-bed rooms) within a ten-minute walk from the sights of Brandenburger Tor, Friedrichstadt-Palast and Berliner Fernsehturm.

Located near a variety of restaurants and cafes, the hotel is just a 10-minute walk from Alexanderplatz subway station.


Dmitry Lihovoy,
I remember when we’ve got to Fjord – the biggest digital agency in the world (or at least they say so). There we’ve had a workshop on Six Thinking Hats — a system designed by Edward de Bono. It turned out that they’re using this methodology in their creative work. They don’t have this “stare at the wall” or jabbering as a part of “creating”. Idea is a skill, not a spontaneous enlightenment. I was advocating for this methodology for a year back home. You can see that Fjord was just like a Disneyland for me.

During the Fjord office tour we’ve learned a great story of “client-agency” close work. Audi headquarter contacted them to solve one particular problem they were facing, something related to strategy development. We were surprised to hear that Audi’s top managers have moved to the Fjord agency for 100 days to work closely together. Dogs are running around in all this typical agency mess, and at the same time there are leaders of one the most prestigious automobile company. For the whole 100 (!) days. Because strategy development of such a company cannot be written during the weekend or by winning a bid.
Olexiy Pedosenko,
PR Director Depositphotos
I didn’t have any big expectations, but everything turned out to be awesome and useful: new people, immersion in local creative businesses, it’s values and culture.

The important thing — don’t keep your questions to yourself and don’t think that you might seem naive asking them. The team was also great, everyone is with a different background, but everyone is savvy & friendly.

When people ask me something like: “ So how was Berlin? Did you do anything useful, or just party all the time?” This question even a bit offensive :slightly_smiling_face: To go there and party is not a problem nowadays: visa-free, lowcost avia… it is a best city for a lazy weekend. But this time almost every evening we wanted to save our energy for the next day, because the schedule was really intense.

I came back home with a whole lot of contacts, ideas and a long to-do list.
Maria Fronoschuk,
CEO/managing partner
The Campus was more about design as a way of thinking, than about graphics or web. I decided to join it to learn from the inside out how is it — to work in a market which is more developed and mature than our own Ukrainian one. How do companies build processes, how do they pitch ideas, what drives them, how open they are. And what’s happening out there in general.

Mozilla — how is the open non-for-profit company releasing new products, fighting battles to keep user data private and building in a newly acquired Pocket. After getting to know the team and their work, I honestly want to use their products.

Hort — how does the team of 7 “lazy” designers led by a legendary Eike König work with Nike, Apple and Facebook while keeping that hedonist and laid-back spirit alive. Very charismatic and philosophical.

SinnerSchrader – how does a consulting agency after 20 years in the market manage to create new campaigns for the largest German automobile manufacturers (on this they’ve released a book “Transformational Products”) and try to keep their corporate culture alive even after the takeover by a bigger company (“No Alpha Leaders no Beta Teams”). Ask me for both books if you’re interested to read.

Edenspiekermann – how does the agency manage to sell their services without pitching right at the start. A phrase I’ve been talking for a while about: “If you are doing your job for years already don’t know how to solve the problem, how could we know that, the people who just got the Brief?”

There were tho additional workshops. In our first we learned from Matteo Cavucci (has worked at Thoughtworks before) a very useful event-storming method. Second workshop was conducted byFounder and Chief Editor of Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman and was focused on interfaces. Vitaly is the best.


Berlin is an English-speaking city. Creative guys from all over the world came here and communicate in English. Therefore, it is important that you can understand speech and speak on the basic level. You don't need to know German. And of course, all workshops will be held in English too.
To fly to Germany, you only need to have a biometric passport.
We depart from Kyiv (airport "Kyiv").
Yes, with the group will be accompanied by 2 managers of Projector who will help you to settle on the spot and organize the training process.
Yes, we cover almost everything that is required on a trip. But you'll organize your leisure and daytime / evening meals to your liking. Therefore, depending on your needs, grab another 20–100 euros per day.
Yes, lectures and workshops will take 4-6 hours a day. The rest of the time you can use to your liking. It is strange to come to Berlin and not to see the beauty, museums and not to visit its places of worship.
The campus will be useful to experienced interdisciplinary designers, creative and art directors, studio owners. This is a great opportunity not only to dive into the global industry, but also to broaden the horizons and experience, to gain new impressions.
No, we will spend another day in Hamburg - there we will have a cool lecture and the opportunity to see the city.
Yes, for the passage of workshops you need your own computer.

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Join our unforgettable trip: Berlin is a city created for designers, and we are going to rediscover it.
next campus — June 28 - July 5
workshops, studio visits, flight tickets, hotel, breakfasts, museums, insurance etc.
1 950€
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